Payment Information

Sealy Municipal Court

415 Main Street
PO Box 517
Sealy, TX - 77474
Phone: 979-885-6733


It is the defendant's responsibility to make the payment to the right court and for the correct amount. If the court rejects your payment, the fine amount will be refunded but the processing fee will not. Please pay carefully.

The following are not payable here; contact the court:

  • Driver Safety Course fees
  • Deferred Disposition fees
  • Juvenile offenses  

Contact the court directly or visit their website for more information.

All payments are FINAL! Make sure you have done your due diligence prior to making any payment. When in doubt, contact the court first.

Dismissal fees for registration, license plates, defective equipment, or driver licenses are payable here ONLY IF you have prior approval from the court.  

Partial payments applied to active warrants will require a Payment Plan application on file.  Upon payment, your preliminary due date for the balance will be within 30 days. The court will E-mail the Payment Plan application for completion, filing, and processing the appropriate payment schedule.  Failure to file with the court may result in a capias pro fine warrant and additional fees.

Partial payments applied to a violation without an existing payment plan will be due in full within 30 days. You must  contact the court directly for authorization to make final payment online.  Any payment made on 31st day will require an additional Time Payment Reimbursement Fee of $25.00 for violation on or prior to 12-31-2019 or $15.00 for violations on or after 1-1-2020.

If you need a payment plan to extend past 30 days, contact the court to set up a payment schedule.  Future payments must be made in the amount stipulated on your Payment Plan schedule.  Not complying with the payment agreement will result in a show cause hearing and a capias pro fine warrant for your arrest if you fail to appear.

You may request an alternative method of payment at any time if needed.  Contact the court in order to perform community service to discharge the full amount of costs, fees, and fine remaining.


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