Payment Information

Elba Municipal Court

200 Buford St.
Elba, AL - 36323
Phone: 334-897-1254


It is the defendant's responsibility to make the payment to the right court and for the correct amount. If payment is rejected for any reason, the fine amount will be refunded but the processing fee will not. Please pay carefully.

If you have multiple violations please search with last name and date of birth.

The following are payable ONLY AFTER entering a plea in court (if you have not entered a plea, please contact the court before paying here):

  • Deferred Disposition Fees
  • Misdemeanor Violations (Possession, DWI, Assault etc.)
  • Suspended or Revoked License Violations
  • Warrants

Payment Plan Rules: Apply the payment to the oldest violation until paid in full. 

To edit the amount you are paying, select 'EDIT', enter the amount of the approved payment and click 'SUBMIT'. You will select 'REMOVE' on the other violations so that the payment will only apply to the oldest violation. Please contact the court if you have questions.

When searching by case or ticket number:

  •  do not use dashes
  • include all digits including 0's
  •  Example: TR00000000 or MC00000000 


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