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Oak Point Deferred Disposition Request

100 Naylor Rd.
Oak Point, TX - 75068
Phone: 972-294-2312


This service allows you to submit your Deferred Disposition request and documents electronically (instead of by mail) for a nominal fee. 

Once your request and documents have been submittedthe court will notify you within 3 business days if Deferred has been granted or not. At that time, you will need to pay your citation in full (processing fee will apply) on this page

If the court denies your request, your processing fee will not be refunded. Please submit your request carefully. 

Please follow the steps below to make your payment:

1. Enter the defendant's name
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2. Enter the citation number
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3. Enter the offense for which you are requesting deferment
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4. Enter the defendant's contact information
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5. I hereby certify that
6. Plea and Request for Deferred Disposition.
  I, the above defendant in this case,
hereby waive my right to trial and enter a plea of
  If you wish to plead 'NOT GUILTY' please exit
this site and contact the court at the number above.
7. Upload copy of your driver's license and
proof of insurance (if required). Must be two separate files.
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