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Collinsville Deferred Disposition

103 N. Main St.
Collinsville, TX - 76233
Phone: 903-429-6225


This service allows you to submit your Deferred Disposition request electronically (instead of by mail) for a nominal fee. 

Once your request has been submitted, you will still need to pay your citation in full (processing fee will apply). 

If the court denies your request, your processing fee will not be refunded. Please submit your request carefully. 

Please allow 4 business days for the court to process your Deferred request. You will receive approval via email along with exact amount you need to pay.

If probation is granted, you will be assessed the fine amount plus a $35.00 fee.  You will be given a (90) day probationary period ( no tickets ) in most cases.  If the probationary period is successfully completed, your citation will be dismissed. Effective 9/2005, Defendants under the age of 25 who are requesting Deferred Disposition are required to also complete a Driving Safety Course. (CCP, 45.051) (Commercial DL not eligible).

Please follow the steps below to make your payment:

1. Enter the defendant's name
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2. Enter the citation number
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3. Enter the offense for which you are requesting deferment
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5. I hereby certify that
6. Plea and Request for Deferred Disposition.
  I, the above defendant in this case,
hereby waive my right to trial and enter a plea of

  If you wish to plead 'NOT GUILTY' please exit
this site and contact the court at the number above.