Payment Information

Willow Park Municipal Court

516 Ranch House Rd.
Willow Park, TX - 76087
Phone: 817-441-7107


It is the defendant's responsibility to make the payment to the right court and for the correct amount. If your payment is rejected for any reason, the fine amount will be refunded but the processing fee will not. Please pay carefully.

The following are not payable here; contact the court:

  • Citations issued to minors and juveniles
  • Citations issued for ‘no insurance’

Partial payments can be made here IF you have a Payment Plan in place with the court.

Deferred Disposition and Driving Safety Course (DSC) fees are payable here IF you have prior permission from the court. DSC fees are $144 (or $169 if issued in a school zone).

Warrants are payable here but only in full.

Parking tickets are searchable here using the license plate number exactly as shown on your ticket, including any dashes or spaces.

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