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Lancaster Deferred Request

220 W. Main Street
Lancaster, TX - 75146
Phone: 972-218-1334


This service allows you to submit your Deferred Disposition REQUEST electronically (instead of by mail) for a nominal fee. Once your request and paperwork have been submitted, you will still need to pay associated fees as stated by the court (processing fee will apply).

If the court denies your request, your processing fee will not be refunded. Please submit your request carefully.

By requesting Deferred Disposition through this service I agree to the following:

  • I waive my right to trial and enter my plea of No Contest. I was not charged with speeding in excess of 25 MPH or in excess of 80 MPH.  I also understand that I must meet ALL eligibility requirements pertaining to Deferred Disposition.
  • I do not possess a Commercial Driver’s License in any state.
  • I am providing the Court with a copy of my valid driver’s license (must be attached with this form)
  • I am providing a copy of my proof of insurance that is valid on the date of this request (for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility - no insurance citations only).
  • I must make the payment of the full amount of the costs and fees associated with this offense after approval of this request from the Court.
  • I have not had a citation dismissed with Deferred Disposition within the one (1) year period prior to the issue date of my citation.  I am not currently on Deferred Disposition for any citation in any other Court.
  • After receiving approval from the Judge, I will receive a copy of my Deferred Disposition Order mailed to the address I provide below. I understand that I will be placed on probation for a period of time not to exceed 90 days and if I violate any term of my probation, this citation will not be dismissed and I will be set on a Show Cause docket with the possibility of this violation being reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety. 
  • I understand that there may be other conditions on my Deferred Disposition Order that I will have to comply with such as taking a Driving Safety Course if I am under 25 years of age. Please call the Lancaster Municipal Court at 972-218-1334 to find out other possible conditions related to your age and type of offense.

Warning If your case is currently in warrant status you do not qualify for deferred at this time.  Contact the Court directly for information on your case.  No fees will be refunded if you request deferred while in warrant status.

Please follow the steps below to make your payment:

1. Enter the Defendant Name
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2. Enter the citation number
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3. Enter the offense you are requesting deferment
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4. Enter the defendant contact information
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5. Upload copy of your driver's license here.
If you have a 'no insurance' citation, you must also upload proof of current insurance coverage (must be two separate files).
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Total file(s) size being uploaded should not exceed more than 6 MB

I understand that I may have this citation dismissed by Deferred Disposition in lieu of a conviction on my driving record. I understand that I can only make this request PRIOR to the due date of my citation. I also understand that Deferred Disposition is a privilege, not a right, offered solely by the discretion of the Court.