Payment Information

Northeast Municipal Court

1401 FM 424
Cross Roads, TX - 76227
Phone: 940-365-9954


It is the defendant's responsibility to make the payment to the right court and for the correct amount. If your payment is rejected for any reason, and/or cannot be transferred to the appropriate court, the fine amount will be refunded but the processing fee will not. Please pay carefully.


The following offenses CANNOT be paid on this site and Must appear before the Judge:

Juveniles 16 and under

Tobacco offense under 18

Alcohol offense under 21

It takes up to 3 business days for your citation to appear online from the date it was issued. 

Driving Safety Course and Deferred Disposition are not payable here. Contact the court for further instructions.  These options require additional paperwork.  Deferred Dispositioncan be paid here AFTER you have an approved payment plan on your Deferred Disposition with the court, you may make your payment here. 


Please read all instructions carefully as ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL.  No refunds will be made. Call 800-444-1187 if you prefer to pay by phone. 

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