Payment Information

Town of Talty Municipal Court

9550 Helms Trail, Ste 500
Forney, TX - 75126
Phone: 972-552-9487


It is the defendant’s responsibility to make the payment to the right court and for the correct amount. If the court rejects your payment, the fine amount will be refunded but the processing fee will not.  Please pay carefully.

 Court hours: 8 am to 12 noon M - F.

If you are interested in a Driving Safety Course or Deferred Disposition, please contact the court first for permission and amount due before paying here. Note: You only have 20 business days from the day you receive your citation to request a Driving Safety Course, Deferred Disposition or a Payment Plan.

Deferred Disposition fee must be paid in full

Juvenile tickets can be paid here, but only AFTER you have been to court. 

Warrants are payable here. Payments of no less than $100 are accepted but the warrant will not be lifted until it is paid in full.

Click here to view acceptable means of proving remediation and/or compliance and the procedures for processing the case for dismissal prior to appearance date.  If you have any questions about your dismissal options, please contact the court. 

This page is for
the City of Talty NOT for City of Forney citations.

Please follow the steps below to make your payment:

1. Enter the name as it appears on your citation
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  Last Name *  
2. Enter your driver's license number and select state
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3. Enter the ticket, citation, docket or case number
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4. Enter the amount of your payment
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Click here for the court's Fine List. Are you paying the correct amount? Contact Town of Talty Municipal Court at 972-552-9487 to confirm before paying or payment may be rejected.
To pay another ticket to the same court, click "Add"