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This service allows you to submit your Deferred Disposition request and paperwork electronically for a nominal fee. If the court denies your request, your processing fee will not be refunded. Please submit your request carefully.

**DO NOT PROCEED with this online request unless you have first spoken to the court.

ELIGIBILITY Requirements to Request Deferred Disposition

  1. You are NOT eligible to request deferred disposition if:
    • You HAVE a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or HAD one on the date and time the offense occurred.
    • Your OFFENSE OCCURRED in a construction zone with workers present in the work zone.  
  2. You are eligible to request deferred disposition electronically if: 
    • You were at least age 17 at the time of the offense.
    • You are NOT charged with any of the following violations. (For the below violations, you must appear before the Judge to request deferred).
      • A minor charged with an alcohol or tobacco related offense.
      • Charged with an offense that resulted in a motor vehicle collision or crash.
      • An offense that occurred in a school zone.
      • Charged with speeding 25 or more miles over the speed limit or at a speed greater than 90 MPH.
      • Passing or failing to remain stopped for a school bus.

Instructions for Requesting Deferred Disposition Electronically

The Court will grant deferred disposition if you:

  1. Meet all the eligibility requirements. Call the Court  to confirm and get exact amount due. 
  2. Enter a plea of guilty or no contest and waive your right to jury trial and your right to discovery.
  3. Upload a copy of your driver’s license or other official identification on this site. 
  4. Electronically sign and submit the deferred disposition form certifying that the information you are submitting is true and correct. Your signature means that you are agreeing to the terms of the deferred disposition.
  5. If you are requesting deferred disposition for multiple offenses, you must complete and submit a separate form for each offense.
  6. Once you submit this request electronically, call the Court office to make sure the request was received
  7. The cost for deferred disposition is generally $50.00 more than the current cost of your citation.  It is your responsibility to pay the correct amount.  This does NOT apply to offenses listed above under ELIGIBILITY in number 2, or if you are requesting deferred for multiple offenses. In some instances, the Judge may require you to submit a driving record before granting your request.

REQUIRED TERMS FOR CERTAIN OFFENSES (In addition to payment of the deferred admin. fee and cost):

  • If your offense is for Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility (valid liability insurance), you will be required to immediately present proof of valid liability insurance for the next 6 months without any lapse in coverage.  You must be a named insured on the policy.  Upload a copy of the insurance card via this site to submit with the Deferred request.
  • If your offense is for No Driver’s License or Driving While License Invalid, you will be required to obtain and provide proof to the Court of a valid driver’s license or occupational license within 30 days. 
  • If you are under age 25 and charged with a traffic (moving) violation, you will be required to complete a driving safety course as a condition of the deferred and submit proof to the Court within 90 days.
  • If you are under age 25 AND hold a provisional driver’s license, and are charged with a traffic (moving) violation, you will be required to complete a driving safety course and you will be required to re-take your driving test at the Texas Department of Public Safety as a condition of the deferred and submit proof of both to the Court within 90 days.
  • If you are charged with an offense related to City Code Enforcement (Ordinance), you will be required to submit proof to the Court that the violation has been remedied within 30 days.

Requesting deferred disposition of your case does NOT guarantee that a deferred disposition will be granted.  The Judge reserved the right to deny any request considering such factors as prior offenses, circumstances, etc.

Please allow 3 business days for the Court to process your deferred request. You will receive approval via email along with the exact amount you need to pay. If you have not received an email after 3 business days, please contact the Court.

Please follow the steps below to make your payment:

1. Enter the Defendant Name
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2. Enter the citation number
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3. Enter the defendant contact information
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4. I hereby certify that, per the instructions above, I will
(check ONLY the conditions applicable to your type of offense or age):
5. Plea and Request for Deferred Disposition.
  I, the above defendant in this case,
hereby waive my right to trial and enter a plea of

  If you wish to plead 'NOT GUILTY' please exit
this site and contact the court at the number above.
6. Upload copy of your driver's license and
proof of insurance (must be two separate files).
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